Keating Woodworks Has Moved


Keating Woodworks has recently moved to the great state of Colorado! Renovations are under way on an old 1897 Grocer. You can follow the progress on our Facebook page, and next time you're through the rockies you'll have to stop in and say hello!

Architectural Digest Show


If you find yourself strolling down Pier 94 in New York the third week of March, you should stop in at the Architectural Digest Home Show. I'll be there..., representing strong for the rust belt.

Hable Construction Fabrics


Super happy to announce that I'll be using select Hable Construction fabrics exlusively for all my upholstery friendly pieces.  There are several new ones currently in the works (including a rocker), and I'll also be retro-fitting my current pieces.  Check out the Hable sisters here: Hable Construction.

One of a Kind Show


For all my Midwest people, I'll be at the One of a Kind Show in Chicago in December (1-4). While I typically discourage thinking about Christmas in August, this is a singular exception. Start making out your Keating WoodWorks wish list now.


New Website!


A thousand thanks to those magnanimous patriots over at The Heads of State (design) and to the inimitable Sean Brodbeck (design and programming). Keep checking back here or at my Facebook business page for Keating WoodWorks related news and updates.

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